What is Nesting?

Turns out, you can have too much of a good thing. Travel journalist Dominique Afacan had flitted around the world so much that the joy of coming home started to outweigh the joy of leaving. The idea for a Nesting newsletter came about because she wanted to share her newfound excitement about wholesome dog walks, Pukka’s three ginger tea, Dempsey and Dempsey pajamas and house plants that she actually kept alive.

I’ll stop talking about myself in the third person now. It’s weird. If you sign up to this newsletter, you can expect some fairly regular waffle from me about cosy, homely, lovely stuff. Think nice recipes, Netflix obsessions, gardening (the urban kind), reading recommendations, podcasts and the joys of an in-house pootle. I’ll interview the odd brilliant person about their best home comforts and there will probably be countless photos of my sausage dog, too. I’m pregnant (nesting in every sense) so there might be the odd baby thing. But not loads. 

Yes, I’ve changed. But then haven’t we all? 

How can I contact Dominique?

Easy! Just drop me an email at dominiqueafacan@gmail.com - I shall reply as soon as I’m done watering my plants. You can also follow me on Instagram or Twitter @dominiqueafacan